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The Parsely games Kickstarter seems cool (Action Castle), but there’s just too much wrong with the scene. That release date being the largest. Perhaps too pricey as well. No post goal incentives either. Eh.

They’re building secret bunkers. You’re part of a “new age revolution”. They control the media. You want anarchy. They’re building secret bunkers. You’re the explosive.

Snopes calling someone a “fake news” site after their defending Hillary during the election. Now that is funny.

We bought a book, “Waffle Iron Genius”, on a whim at a hobby/sewing store. Great buy. All kinds of good stuff we’ve cooked already, and we haven’t even done half of them yet.

On a side note, I did find one item that I failed to backup before having my server wiped. And that is the DB from this microblog. Which is why it has started all over…

Hoping to have the bookshop and the B&B open on August 1 (2017). We shall see. Almost ready, but just not quite there yet.

Yep. I failed at Camp Nano, again. Sigh. There’s just too much going on right now.

A new Camp NaNoWriMo is approaching fast. Will I make it this time? Or will I fail yet again? Think I’m going to revisit the Broken Helix pieces. That seems like a solid work.