Yeppers. Hillary’s corn flakes are thoroughly scrambled now. Someone break out the white jacket.

Apocalypse Survival Frito Pie 1 Pack Ramen 1 Hot Dog Chilli (w/o beans) 1 pile of Fritos 1/2 block Velveeta Cheese Other crap, as seen fit

On my mission to becoming a Looney Labs certified Starship Captain, last night the wife and I enjoyed a round (best 2 outta 3 ) of Give or Take. Coupled with having already played Verticality,…

Captain’s log, stardate 2017.137. It’s been 13 days since the release of Starfinder and I have yet to locate any other players in the local area to explore this with. Online resources are scarce in this…

Ever wake up and, despite a good night’s sleep, find yourself vertical, yet somehow still not “awake”? Blah. Pfft. Whatever. 😀

Seriously need to find some local rpg’ers to gather up a party around here. Itching to play some Ninja Burger and/or Starfinder.   🙁    Just need to locate one or two, I guess.

I almost feel bad for the way that I want to bastardize the new Starfinder RPG. Almost, but not enough not to do it. XD \\ Redshirts beware!

Backup plan … If bookshop fails, open really big Little Free Library. Hopefully it won’t fail.

AC = G =  

The Parsely games Kickstarter seems cool (Action Castle), but there’s just too much wrong with the scene. That release date being the largest. Perhaps too pricey as well. No post goal incentives either. Eh.